The Medical Federation Management - Mrs Taz Shirley

I am the Practice Manager for The Medical Federation. My background as a state registered nurse and specialise in intensive care nursing provides me with excellent experience to manage the Medical Federation.

Following many years nursing in London hospitals, I went into management by becoming the Practice Manager for the private Consulting Rooms in York House at St Thomas´┐Ż Hospital in London. I later gaining a post graduate diploma in hospital management.

Having spent the last 23 years managing the Consulting Rooms in York House, I had over 60 consultants of all specialties and worked with various medical disciplines including private insurance companies and health attaches within many of the embassies in London. This being both residential patients and those from all parts of the world.

Taz Shirley

Mrs Taz Shirley
Practice Manager
Following this, I was recently approached by most of the same consultants to manage their private practice as The Medical Federation. I am delighted to be doing what I do best, working with a lot of the more eminent senior consultants who all work for leading London teaching hospitals with a high reputation and an ethical ethos. I continue to liaise with the GP practices, all the major insurance companies with which my consultants are registered, embassies, occupational health departments, many of the private hospitals in London, London Bridge Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital, Cromwell Hospital and the private outpatients attached to many London University hospitals.

The aim of The Medical Federation is to be a one stop call for all bookings, minimising beauracracy and offering individually tailored service seven days a week. Because of the way the Medical Federation has been set up, the patient and the referring GP benefit from the excellent communication that each consultant has with his colleagues within The Federation, further ensuring high quality practice.

With my previous experience in this work, my aim is to deliver a service that is appropriate, speedy, caring and economical for the patient. Patients, relatives and friends are also welcome to phone directly for advice and bookings.

My motto is always to look after patients and colleagues in the way I myself would wish to be.


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